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Buckskin Gulch--In a Pinch
sub-category : Backpacking
img 09-07-2010

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This trip was in the works for months.  I heard and read about Buckskin Gulch from acquaintances and southern Utah Hiking Guides.  From my reading I knew this would be one-to-remember.  I contacted my good buddy Josh Hoopes and he in turn invited his dad and fellow adventure-buddy Abraham Shreeve.  The cast was set.  We watched the weather forecast and headed south when we knew we’d have a good window of dry, cloudless days.  We planned to camp so we loaded full packs and ropes for the possibility of rappel in the canyon (we needed it once).  Buckskin Gulch is arguably the world’s longest slot canyon and rests just a few miles from the Arizona state border.  As we planned on spending the night in the canyon we had to check-in at the local ranger station and secure overnight passes (only 20 passes a day are given out—plan accordingly).  The interesting thing about this hike is that once your in the canyon…your in.  There is no turning back.  About a mile into the canyon we quickly realized there had been some serious flash flooding in the recent past.  The canyon floor was extremely muddy and we squashed and squished through merciless mile-after-mile of muck and mire until we reached only one of two spots safe enough to camp.  This trek isn’t for the faint of heart.  A rainstorm 20 to 30 miles away can send a flash flood roaring through the canyon and kill you if you’re not careful.   After a relatively good night’s rest and proper breakfast we re-entered the water and began the slog up the Paria River.  I almost disappeared once in the silty mud and quick sand along the banks of the river.  Josh pulled me out.  My hero!  Between the scenery and company, this trip easily ranks in my Top Five adventures of all time.  I highly recommend it to the truly adventuresome.
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