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Vertical Madness
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A free Saturday during the Summer of 1996 was a precious commodity. It was that very summer that I met and started dating my wife Kimberly. One always had the option of sleeping-in after the hard labor and nearly sleepless nights of being an Especially for Youth counselor at BYU. I always chose the alternative which was to maximize the day. The shots here were taken on one such Saturday when my good friend and fellow counselor, Steve Mackey, decided to hike Mt. Timpanogos. We quickly discovered the only way to reach the summit, hike back down, and get back in time for our dates down to the Manti Pageant was to go straight up the mountain, bypassing any and all trails. Up we went. Needless to say it was arduous but rewarding as we summitted in a rarely accessed part of the northern ridgeline. The views were amazing. We no sooner reached the summit when we began our descent, again, straight down. Total time up-and-down was less then 4 hours. And yes, we still went on our dates…wildflowers in tow for the girls. Great times!
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